Lead East, World's Biggest 50's Party

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Doo-Wop Party Extravaganza!  Lead East! The GOLDEN GUP spins there every year!

One magic, nostalgic weekend a year takes 15,000 people on a time warp trip back to the fabulous 50's for the biggest 50's Party anywhere. While there are trillions of other "classic car shows" there is no other event remotely like this on the planet.

The Golden Gup not only brings many of his vintage cars to the party but spins the early R&B, Rock and Roll, Doo Wop, and classic hits that help create the timewarp that is Lead East.

Lead East, World's biggest 50's party!Lead East is not just another vintage car show, it is the definitive 50's party, offering more unique events than 15 normal classic car shows added together. If you love the doo-wop and R&B music, vintage vehicles, slicked back hair, vintage clothing, and retro dances of the 1950's, you MUST join the Golden Gup and fans to relive and revisit the best fun decade in history.

An indoor and outdoor, day and night lineup of activities are planned for over the Labor Day Weekend each year at the Parsippany Hilton in NJ. Click this Lead East 50's Party Video Link to catch a bit of the action! (avi download 1,835 kb, Windows Media Player, WinAmp or other compatible video plugin required)

Want to see some photos of past Lead East 50's parties? Check out our photo album!

For further information: Lead East 50's Party Website

*****NEW TO LEAD EAST IN 2013!*****

You’re invited to the first annual GOLDEN GUP RECORD THROWDOWN!
The Throwdown will be at the Welcome Party the evening of Thursday, August 29th, 2013. This will be a GASSER! DJ’s get an opportunity to showcase their vinyl spinning talents, programming ability and command of first generation Rock & Roll before a large, ardent and discerning crowd of “dyed in the wool” 50’s music lovers. Everybody wins! You get a chance to spin at one of the premier 50’s events in the world and the patrons get to hear fresh music and talent! Also, the crowd’s favorite performer of the night wins a “portrait of Ben Franklin” PLUS the opportunity to DJ for a hour on Saturday afternoon on DJ Wolfman Jerry’s HUGE PA system which runs throughout the even so you’ll literally heard by thousands!
1) There will be a limited number of entries. Set times TBA. Gup will be there to open the night and act as MC and DJ for the rest of the show (not competing).
2) Format will be 45 RPM and 33 & 1/3 RPM records or, what they call today, VINYL ONLY (just like in the days of Alan Freed!) Sorry, no 78’s. Sets will be precisely 30 minutes long for each guest DJ.
3) As it stands at this writing, equipment will be two 1200’s with Stanton 550’s with conical tips (we don’t want you to cue-burn your treasured wax!), floor mounted microphone and simple Numark mixer. This will be run through a huge full-pro PA system. No interchanging of any of the furnished equipment. Bring your OWN headphones. There will be an eight foot table on stage for you to lay out your records.
4) Volume MUST be kept at a friendly, pleasant level at ALL TIMES. Proper volume is up to the discretion of management.
5) MUSIC must be ALL authentic 50’s era or 50’s style retro. We know you know what this means… Keep in mind this is a DANCE, we want to see the patrons having fun on the dance floor! If you haven’t played in the New York Metro area before here’s a hint: Doo-Wop is king with the locals! We will frown on repeated recordings!

Winner for the night well be judged by crowd applause (recorded after each set) and, if need be, also by the MC.
To be considered, please send full contact information PLUS DEMO (under five minutes) BEFORE AUGUST 10TH to
The Golden Gup
68 Smith Road
Denville NJ 07834
or via ggup@optonline.net.

The top demos will be put in a drawing. All chosen competitors, plus those on standby, will be notified by August 16, 2013.
We are really looking forward to this new event! As the Wheels flipped in ’56 -“LET’S HAVE A BALL”! Any questions please CALL (not email) 1-800-362-5853.
Cheers! –Gup.


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