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It's EASY!
Securing the Golden Gup for your next event takes less than you may think! Prices are competitive with other well established DJ entertainers in the NY metro area and considerably less than other "two man" or production companies. If you're debating whether to go with a disc jockey or live entertainment, Gup and the Rhythmhancers go for a fraction of the price of an orchestra or even a good combo. Special rates are available for weekdays and evenings Monday through Thursday. Even if it's short notice the Golden Gup may be able to help.

Physical requirements:
For house parties or small events under 75 people, a small space of approximately 5 feet by 5 feet is all that's needed for the Golden Gup alone with a full system. For Gup and the Rhythmhancers an area as small as 5 feet by 11 feet can suffice. The area must be flat, level and dry. No props, tables, or special lighting are needed. Electrical standards are regular household current at the staging area (110V minimum). Due to the power requirements of professional amplifiers, for parties of over 100 people or where a "robust" volume level is desired, it is essential that the voltage be at least 118 volts or more. This is usually the case in any well wired building and can easily be checked. For outdoor events where sun or weather may be a factor suitable cover is required. Gup will accomodate special needs and circumstances wherever possible.