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A few things folks have said about DJ Gup

"Unquestionably the most entertaining DJ I've ever seen!"
--Terry Cook, Appleton Productions, Producer of "Lead East", the worlds biggest 50's party

"We love him so, we take him everywhere we go!"
--Little Isidore and the Inquisitors

"Almost too hip for the room"
--David Forman

"Gup was FABULOUS! From the moment he came into the room we were put at ease. He handled all our wedding announcements and MC'ing with flair and made our wedding "flow". The music was great (as we knew it would be!). What a change to be in the room with a DJ who was in tune with us and our guests from the beginning. Having attended so many events where the "entertainment" was soooo loud, or out of touch with what should have been required, it was refreshing indeed to deal with a true professional in every sense (and so many of our guests made the same observation). You made our party! It speaks volumes about you that people are STILL talking about the great time they had at our wedding reception. We've recommended you to everyone and it's a pleasure to be able to give you this testimonial for your website."
--Stuart and Melanie Wilson

"I still can't believe you played my requests - you're the only DJ I know of whose knowledge really comes from the heart and not a text book!"
--Bert MacDonald

"I saw you at Lead East with the Rhythmhancers and I had to write to let you know how much I enjoyed your performance this year. I've seen several of your gigs. You're the real deal! Kudos to you, Bobby and Jan - we love you guys!"

--David Burd

"I'll stop 'Shazam-ing' you one of these days...."
--James Reece

"He's the best, most natural and unaffected DJ I've ever seen, period. And I'm not biased, and I'm not getting paid for saying that either...."
--Lulu Gascoigne